My two cents on St. John Bosco – Mission to Love movie

I recently watched this movie ‘St. John Bosco – Mission to Love’ over a couple of days because it was a bit long and I was quite busy but it was soooo good!! I am not someone who really enjoys movies but I really loved this movie. From the start of the movie, I was captivated and full of suspense even though I knew that it would have a happy ending. lol.

Prior to attending Gospel Roads( A weeklong service retreat that I attended this summer), I didn’t know that much about Don Bosco aka St John Bosco. In this movie, based on St John Bosco’s real life events, there were so many lessons to learn and so many quotable quotes. At a particular scene, I just had to pause the movie and take out my phone to write down what he was saying. Thankfully, I found a trailer on youtube that contains a part of the scene. Check it out after the 1-minute mark but try to watch the whole trailer too 🙂

Don Bosco : ‘Look up and what do you see?’

Children: “The sky, sun, clouds”

Don Bosco: ‘The boundless skies we see above is the boundless love we have inside. Look up and look beyond the poverty, misery, obstacles. True freedom is seeing God in all that surrounds us. True freedom is being children of God. Look up at the sky and keep dreaming and hoping in the future. Repeat these words

‘In the Love of God our Father, I lift my eyes and hope for the Future’

Because the future is ours and no one will take it from us.’

Wow, praise God!

One quality that I really admired about Don Bosco was his faith in God and in people, not even in just his family and friends but in people that the society had given up on so-called ‘delinquent children’. Don Bosco kept maintaining that they just needed people to give them hope and trust in them and he was so right!

I don’t want to give spoilers in case you are yet to watch the movie but the lengths to which Don Bosco went just to show the boys that there was still someone who cared for them was really inspiring. His love for marginalized youth, his love for education and making sure people were educated, his steadfastness to the will of God despite various challenges, his humility, his trust, his faith, everything about Don Bosco was just so great. I also loved seeing a bit about St Dominic Savio and Blessed Michael Rura. I highly recommend this movie, shout out to Jasmine for giving me a copy at Vocations Fair and to Elizabeth for telling me the joke about Blessed Michael Rura  ( He ain’t never going to be a saint) LOL. Now I can’t get it out of my head 🙂

A couple of quotes by Don Bosco that I like are as follows:

“Let us ask Jesus to come and steal something from us – your hearts and mine.”- Don Bosco

“Run, jump, make noise, But do not sin…”-St. John Bosco

“The true Christian should be willing to endure the sufferings of the spirit as Jesus Christ did when He was betrayed by one of His disciples, denied by another, and abandoned by all.”- Don Bosco

“[When asked about the secret of his immense success with the young, he simply replied]
Love.”- Don Bosco

“How consoling it is in the evening to find oneself tired and worn out because the whole day was spent in work for God’s glory and the salvation of souls”- St John Bosco (This was the theme for Gospel Roads)


Mary Help of Christians, Pray for us

St Don Bosco, Pray for us.

Peace, love and Joy


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