Endless pursuits

Jesus spoke to them saying, “I am the light of the world; he who follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” – John 8:12

Lent with the saints
As a Lenten activity, outline your family’s religious history and your place in it.
My sisters and I are cradle Catholics….just like my parents and probably my grandparents. I am not too sure.

Lent with Pope Francis
Jesus’s thirst was not so much for water, but for the encounter with a parched soul. Jesus needed to encounter the Samaritan woman in order to open her heart:he asks for a drink so as to bring to light her own thirst. The woman is moved by this encounter:she asks Jesus several profound questions that we all carry within but often ignore……The example of the Samaritan woman invites us to exclaim: “Jesus, give me a drink that will quench my thirst forever. ”
Pope Francis, Angelus March 23 2014

This reminds me of something written by Mother Teresa. Even though I think the context of Jesus saying ‘I thirst ‘ that she speaks of is when he was on the cross. Notwithstanding, the meaning is still the same …

” ‘I thirst’ is something much more deeper than Jesus just saying, ‘I love you ‘ . Until you know deep inside that Jesus thirsts for you- you can’t begin to know who He wants to be for you. Or who He wants you to be for Him.” -Mother Teresa

What is my heart seeking this Lent? Am I in touch with my deepest spiritual needs?
Usually, I like to say that I am seeking joy but I have already found my joy in Jesus.

I think this Lent, my heart is seeking courage. I have found joy but so many people are still seeking Him.

So on Friday, I said a prayer for the Lord to place on my heart the ones He wants me to reach out to and reveal them to me. I kind of just repeated it in my mind and on Saturday I got my response. Yesterday L emailed me to ask if I was free to meet up today. I stepped out of my comfort zone and accepted to meet up.

Back story: I met L last year at a disability job fair. They made people register beforehand and on the actual day over times 2 or 3 of the expected people showed up. Long story short, Land I were one of the people who couldn’t get in and we decided to hang out at Metrotown. My goodness, she has had a lot of hurt and pain in her life. The worst thing is that she actually joined a religious group and who say that they are Christians and long story short , she gave them her all(She actually used to go to the streets to evangelize) and they caused her so much pain(They said that she couldn’t marry a guy in the church because a wife needs to be ‘whole’  like my goodness, what sort of people are they?)

Also, she has had a really hard time with love. I really felt so sorry for her but honestly, I couldn’t understand her somewhat obsession with finding a guy for her.She says that I am too young to understand. Lol, I am not THAT young though..L actually enrolled in a ‘how to get a guy’ kind of course…Such people organizing such things should be arrested for real. When we met, Her current boyfriend didn’t speak to her directly, he used to stalk her so she communicated by speaking to the person near her and she knew that her boyfriend would be listening and get the message. What sort of life is that? Anyways, one day we were supposed to meet up and Muna called an ASA meeting. So I called L and told her that I have to attend the ASA meeting so please I will come a few hours later or on the next day, and she said she said we were no longer friends. My goodness,I was so confused.Anyways, I spoke to my spiritual director and he said that I was only being her friend out of pity and maybe it is best for us not to be friends so I accepted and moved on. Honestly, that time period was a really trying time for me too. L has a lot of bitterness and negativity(no surprise here) and she could have influenced me or I could have influenced her. No one knows really.

This was all last year and then yesterday, she just sent me a random email and asked if I wanted to meet up today. I said yes. We agreed to meet at 3. At 3, she didn’t show up. I was really confused and angry that she wasted my time but I stayed till around 4…Then she showed up..Apparently, she didn’t know about the time change. Anyways, she said that she just broke up with her boyfriend last night. Praise the Lord!! and thanks to SSCAN for my training because all I did was listen empathetically…Sometimes all you have to do is listen.I am actually honored that she remembered that she had a friend in me through her difficult moment. My heart really does go out to L, dear Lord. Please help her.She is yearning deeply for love and you love her so much already! Thank you God that she realized that she is worth more than that guy. Help her to remember that she is loved!

‘O patient love Who wearies not of me; Alone of all, Thou weariest not of me. O bear with me, till I am lost in Thee, O bear with me, till I am found in Thee’ -(I think this is from a prayer originally composed by St Thomas Aquinas and translated by  Fr. Henry Augustus Rawes)

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