Originally Written on 16th July 2014

I am cleaning out the notes app on my phone and I came across a lot of notes on my phone. So I decided to publish them.

Today, let’s honour our Blessed Mother. ‪#‎igniteTNC2014‬ ‪#‎RAKtheWorld

Wow. In a few hours. ..it will be one day left before #igniteTNC2014.
Today was a pretty good day. I spent the day with our blessed mother. In the morning with the icon of the Black Madonna, aka Queen of Poland at St Mary’s. And in the evening at meditation, we were reminded about the benefits of the scapular and our Lady’s intercession. Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Pray for us.

Mother of Christ, star of the sea, pray for the wanderer; pray for me. Please pray for me.

P.S attached is a picture of the Black Madonna. It is probably my second favorite depiction of mother Mary, after Our Lady of Sheshan in China.


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