Noli timere : Don’t be afraid

BE NOT AFRAID: Luke 2:10.

Today we had our second SSCAN session, Jason baked lemon cupcakes wohoo! I was in such a good mood after having them that I decided to go to the CFC-Y prayer meeting in SFU Surrey. Immediately I got to the Surrey Central platform, I realized that I didn’t know what room they were meeting& I was late so they were all praying already. HAHAHAHA. I just got to the next train platform and went back to school. The great thing was that J was on the Skytrain and she had a good laugh about the situation. She also experienced something similar in December going to L’s house. I am grateful that I was able to spend time with her. Thank you, Lord!

One thought that strengthened me this past week was the knowledge that I was going to be spending this Friday night at Summit…I knew that no matter how my week was, I could bring it all to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. I went to Stations of the Cross at the parish, St Helen’s earlier. At Summit, Deacon Paul read the homily and one of the visiting Dominican Sisters of St Cecelia lead the reflection. A short summary is that at the transfiguration, we were told: “This is my beloved Son, listen to Him”. Most times we are often distracted by other voices especially our own. Listen to Him is also a call to Trust in Him. The Lord is to be trusted and He has proven His love for us over and over again.
I decided to journal and it was very fulfilling. I also took a look at my past entries and I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. It’s funny how I experience a roller coaster of emotions. The sisters prayed with me after summit & I spoke to Fr. He said that I should remember that our God is a God of surprises so I should trust in Him and Be Not Afraid. That classic statement! teach me, dear God, to say No to fear. 

After Summit, S gave T and I a lift to Boston Pizza. They showed me #Thedress that broke the internet. LOL. Funny how something so trivial has become news. Later on, S dropped us off home. Thanks, S! You’re always awesome.

Lent with the saints
Pray for reconciliation in your parish, family or neighborhood

Lent with the pope
What type of ‘power struggles’ am I engaged in? Am I overly concerned with the opinions and approval of others?

I can’t recall any current power struggles that I am involved in…I know I used to really hate A in High school LOL because of power struggles but I gave up. I needed peace in my life. I need to work on being concerned with the opinions and approval of others and that’s actually one of the reasons that this blog is password protected. I feel like people will be judging me and the choices I make, the things that I write. etc. I also care so much about what my friends think even though I do have a great group of friends but I am always scared to show some things with them, I just always feel like people are judging me. Help and teach me Lord to only care about your opinion and approval. Amen.

Be Not Afraid

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