♪♪Never be the same♪♪

Today was #‎LiveloudBC2015‬. A Catholic praise & worship concert organized by CFC & it’s family ministries. Praise God! I have been pretty excited about it since it was announced last year. However, I only went to the concert part. I studied for my midterms earlier in the day so that I won’t feel guilty at Liveloud. Lol. As a result, I missed mass(I heard the Archbishop’s homily was very good!). I kind of deliberately tried to stay away from the expo because I know how easily I spend money at these kinda events. Lol. The music, the shares, the atmosphere, the crowd, everything was awesome.

Anton led the praise & worship. I liked P.G and L’s share’s especially about the intercession of Mother Mary. I hope their stories keep inspiring me to be faithful to my consecration and to pray the rosary. Actually, I have been praying the rosary very much :(I have a lot of respect for Anton, becoming a full-time missionary after all that stress of SFU mechatronics must have been a difficult decision but praise the Lord for him. I actually don’t know him personally. Lol but I respect him a lot. Apart from all the songs which I loved, my favorite part of  #‎LiveloudBC2015 was when we were asked to reflect on our relationship and faithfulness to God, is my faithfulness dependent on God responding to my prayers, my way? Am I only faithful when things are going great and I get everything I want?

Help me Lord to always remember that you are faithful even when I am not. Help me to trust in your love and plans for me and remember that there is no matter how long the night is, the morning light shall still come after it. 

‘See what  love the Father has given us, that we should be called children of God; and so are we.’ – 1 John 3:1

Lent with the saints:

When in your life have you been called by Jesus to follow him? Recall your own vocation story.

Every day, I am called by the Lord to pick up my cross and Follow Him. I can’t recall any ‘a-ha’ moments right now. Maybe I will recall it another day and I will be sure to post a vocation story then. Currently, I believe I am called to be single because I am too selfish(not the materialistic kind of selfishness) to get married and in the words of my adopted other mother (No, I am not adopted…I mean a woman who treats me as her child), “I am too evil to become a nun”.

Lent with Pope Francis

How attached am I to my possessions? Do I recognize that everything that I have received is a gift of God? How does this influence my attitude toward giving?

Actually, I have a lot of clothes but they’re either the clothes that my mum bought when I moved here, from clothes swap or stolen from my big sister..with her permission, she had to forcibly give them to me. Lol. It’s a compliment that I admire your style, M! Anyways, apart from clothes, toiletries & books, I don’t think I have that much things. I do not like to get rid of old stuff due to the memories attached to them. However, giving my time/things/gifts (even randomly) to my family members or friends actually makes me happy.

After Liveloud, T-Marie’s parents invited me to eat dinner with their family at a Taiwanese restaurant. I had a really nice time with T-Marie and Ty at dinner. Thank you very much you guys! It was a perfect way to end a great day. By the way, I ate more than half of the food in one sitting, if you know me & my eating habits very well, you will know that this is a big achievement for me. I was going to text my mum about it but I forgot so here’s my chance to tell her.

In honor of #‎LiveloudBC2015, I will share one of my many favorite Liveloud songs. It’s called ‘Never be the Same’

Here are the Lyrics:

Now I wake, now I see, lord your time is now
I can’t ignore, the way you speak
Your calling is clear and loud
Make my life mean something
Something worth remembering
Something worth living and dying for

I fight for your life, I long for your peace
in a world so silent my praise to you will never cease
I raise my hand and state this claim that this world
will know your name and life will never be the same

From sea to sea, from dusk to dawn
The battle rages on
With every step, and every move
We’re crying kingdom come
You are all I want now
More than I ever have before
You are worth living and dying for

Lord I am afraid………..of the choices I have to make
But when I look into Your eyes……. I am reminded why
I fight for Your life (5x)
I fight for Your life, I long for Your peace.

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