The Hakuna Matata day

‘But to all who received him, who believed in his name, he gave the power to become children of God’—John 1:12

We had our first SSCAN session today. It was really good and I enjoyed it even though we have quite a lot of homework. I also had rehearsals with the performers for the upcoming ASA conference. I know they will not see this but I need to say how grateful I am for the awesome preparations and the selfless work that they are putting in. Shout out to Adanna and her team, Ally B, Mubanga and Yemi. You guys make my heart so happy ❤ Then we had the pub party…Hakuna Matata. It was such a fail. Lol, M said that his friends were going to come through but apparently they did not. R ran away and I took a cue and asked for permission to leave which M granted me. Lol.  My main regret was suggesting to G to buy a ticket and that this failure will put people off for the conference. Worst of all is that we had to pay for the pub so we are officially broke. Give me strength dear Lord, please.
Lent with the saints
Consider some kind of fasting as a Lenten practice-but make sure it leads you to a deeper awareness of and charity toward those in need.
Lent with Pope Francis
How could my fasting benefit others? In what concrete ways might I imitate the Good Samaritan?
By fasting from social media, I am reminded about what people go through in places that they have no access to technology. I  am also left with more prayer time so I can pray for them. By fasting from spending a lot of money, I have more spare change that I can share with people who are in need.


Throwback to CCO Fall Retreat when Angell & I went Canoeing and we hit a rock. That day was a near death experience for me for real. HAHAHA. I actually did it for the picture. Thank you to Joshua Hrynchyshyn for taking a picture for us.

Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders

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