January: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Part Two)

The Good contd…

  • So much good mostly free food and people: As a picky eater, I always appreciate good food when it come my way. Pancake breakfast, hot chocolate and good talks with my favorite advisor, African food with Marie, Musa’s birthday (He cooked and Ada baked red velvet cake), UBC’s African conference with Jollof rice and plantain, Ada’s random generosity of cooking and giving us food, African mass the music is so amazing and the free food after especially the puff-puff last Sunday was great. Lol. I went to African mass with friends and Father Augustine came to meet us when we were eating and he was like, I hope you guys are eating well because when you go back to your dorms, you will be back to ….I actually can’t remember what he said. Lol. It sounded like you will be back to the struggle. LOL.
  •  Events: G.A was so good. It was a talk by Thea on consecrated life. Summit was amazing. Deacon Paul (soon to be Father) gave the reflection. It was about how Jesus delivers us when e cry out to him. Also the worship music was awesome. I always love hearing Good to me by Audrey it calms me. Actually ideally, my summit post should be a separate post so I will try to make one. My first Prayer meeting was awesome. It was about the divine mercy chaplet. After learning about it, we prayed it together. After prayer meeting, we studied for about 2 hours because they had the room booked for a while. Clothing sap fundraiser (New year, new closet). Best 5 dollars I ever spent. Plus I won a gift there…a bath set gift. Jeopardy night at St Jude’s…definitely the best Saturday night I had since summits were moved to Friday nights. I went to ARC adoration night and the person that prayed with me from prayer ministry said that I was too tense and that God wants me to worry less. She was like, young girl like you. I don’t remember much of the conversation except that line.
  • The bad A.K.A Not good
    -I missed first fruits, opus dei retreat, e-rally because they just didn’t work out for me and I am not supposed to say “Yes” to every event that comes my way.
    – Jacquie left FIC
    – ASA-Seeing all these African societies in Toronto, etc with awesome events (even AAI at UBC) just makes me sad for us. M doesn’t even want us to get African food for our African conference. I can’t wait for conference to come and go.
  • The ugly
    I failed in the 54-day rosary novena and Marian consecration.
  • Upcoming
    – Lent. In this past month, when I introduced myself as F.T. Two times, I was told wow, it’s so cool to meet you in person. I always get notifications of your likes each time I post. And one person told me, ‘Oh, you liked my video on Facebook’. Lol. In my defence. The first was the person who operates St Mary’s Facebook account, second was from the Newman club at UBC and third was a film maker who made a cool video that I genuinely liked. Lol. This doesn’t actually justify anything though. So I think we all know what I am giving up for lent. My only concern is that I have to use Facebook for official purposes like promoting ASA upcoming conference/post Black History month posts etc. But I know I have to give it up this lent. God help me. I also have to find time for silence. An hour a day of complete Silence….Thanks for the suggestion, Y.

February is looking so busy for me. 3 midterms, 3 essays, two day ASA conference(One day before my midterm and on the day of my midterm). Jesus give me strength and most of all peace.

Your goodness and mercy shall follow me
All my life
I will trust in Your promise

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