January: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Part one)

You knew that I wasn’t going to let January end without putting up another post. At least, I think you hoped so. Hahaha. January is finally over, this was my best month in recent times. Yay! I have received really exciting news from about three of my friends just this month but they are being hush hush. So, I don’t think I can say anything yet. I believe by March, everything will be public, then I can express my views 🙂
The good

  • Gifts: This is exciting for me because this month wasn’t even my birthday or Christmas but I got three material gifts that really touched my heart (among the countless non-material blessings that I got). The first was a wall decoration with these words “A SMOOTH SEA NEVER MADE A SKILLFUL SAILOR” Second was a mystic rode/miraculous medal pendant. It’s gorgeous! These two were belated birthday gifts from two of the most amazing people that I know. And the third which I got yesterday was from my CFC-Y Secret Santa in North Carolina, USA. I was about to accept my fate that my gift would never come and then it came. Yay for hope! My secret santa, Liesl, sent me the complete season one Dvd of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, a book about Pope Francis and holy water that her dad got on pilgrimage in Naju, Korea. How cool is that? If you guys ever see this, thank you so much again!
  • Quality of life: I FINALLY GOT ORTHOPEDIC SHOES AFTER SO MANY YEARS AND THEY DON’T LOOK ORTHOPEDIC AT ALL. THEY ARE NICE SHOES. Expensive but worth every penny. Now my right leg can’t move deform my shoes because they are firm. The downsize was I had to change my foot to a smaller size and Larry forgot to put lock-tight in the screws of my leg so the screws became loose and a bit noisy. I couldn’t go back until two days after so I relied heavily on my crutches as I couldn’t walk. The only place I went to was Joe’s house for Post Rise Up party (Good food, good company) and thankfully Bev drove me home. Tony fixed it later on. Praise God! Also K.K moved to rez. Yay!!
  • Applications and stuff: I got accepted into SSCAN program starting February 20th, I have done about 30 Motivational Monday posts for WSC…Just need to set our Launch date because I can no longer go to the office physically because of my schedule, Applied for the calling job on campus but didn’t get any feedback (So daddy, please that thing I said about financing my next ticket home does not look like it is a reality, I officially take back my words…except I get a rich husband or win the lottery before then. Who knows? Lol)
  •  Mission: My obedience faith study is the coolest. I only wish that Angell’s schedule worked out so we would be together again. Second year of having Natasha as my study leader. Wohoo! Tabling in the AQ for CCO…I met really interesting people. Thursday during Mission week was especially hard because no missionaries were around so students had to run it alone. I don’t know why some people don’t want free food. Lol. It was hard work but it paid off. Some guys came to pancake breakfast the next day because some random person gave them fliers in the AQ on Thursday. Also I met K and she is so cool. At Pancake breakfast, the next day, people thought we were best friends or something and we actually just met less than 24 hours before. Hahaha.
  • L invited me to join an online Conference call for USA Campus Based and I was free so I did. (I was L’s secret santa last Christmas, that’s how we ‘met’).Mr and Mrs Alvarado(coolkuya and former mvp) spoke to us about being the light of the world. The summary was three words. Need, Give, Share.
    • Need- Everyone is in need of love, need of light, in need of the truth.
    • Give- who can I give my love to? Everyone
    • Share- sharing the love that I have experienced.

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